Lightning is set to return to the media spotlight in December

While we received no update yesterday from the Lightning Returns team, they’ve made up for it today by continuing their last little bit of review.

The marketing team admits that the current amount of information out there is quite insufficient, but promises to open the floodgates come December. Given that the official LRFFXIII Twitter and Facebook pages have ramped up in activity over the past two weeks, it only makes sense that they would confirm as such. That said, today’s recap topic focuses on the game’s new logo.

The team really wanted to make a new logo for the game – something completely different. The idea was to draw up this logo from scratch and create something different from the usual Amano outing. They went through several designs, all of which were eventually scrapped. Finally, the end result was born out of two concepts: “lightning” and “metallic.” In fact, the symbol used in the logo will appear at some point in the game.

What do you think of the new design? Do you prefer the classic Final Fantasy style logos?

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