First look: Lightning's new default design for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

As previously reported, several Japanese publications have been given a first look at Lightning Returns ahead of the first trailer due later this week.

Scans have since surfaced online and represent a more accurate look at Lightning’s new Testuya Nomura drawn outfit. Clad in black armor and a white cape, her new default style seems to be a radical variation of her original XIII-2 armor. Of course, this is her default outfit – more than 20 others will be obtainable throughout the game.

Other gameplay details in the magazine include Lightning’s ability to traverse freely over the game’s variety of terrain including the city. She can jump on obstacles such as telephone polls, and use elements of stealth – something much different than the previous games. To put it simply, she can move about the world freely.

Monsters will make appearances in the town, which is one of the scenes depicted in this secondary scan.

The concept of the game is “the world’s last remaining 13 days.” More Lightning Returns details should be expected in the lead up to Jump Festa so stay tuned.

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