New scans show off the first in-game screenshots for Lightning Returns

The full scan from VJump has surfaced online, including the first ever screenshots of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

The screenshots reveal the town of Luxerion, which is said to be home to a group of people who worship the god Bhunivelze. The game will be much more action oriented, allowing Lightning to traverse the environment, including elements of stealth. For example, she is trailing a group of strange people dressed in white clothing who have been showing up at night. Monsters appear in town as well, including a behemoth that Lightning has engaged in combat. As the sole protagonist, she has awoken from a long crystal sleep now tasked with saving the collapsing world.

Her new outfit comes into clearer detail as well and reveals much more than was originally thought. Lightning also has been upgraded from a visual standpoint, sporting an all around nicer character model. If you look closely in one of the scenes, you can see Chocolina near the facing of one of the buildings.

Click for the full version below:

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