New character Lumina and costume details revealed for Lightning Returns

The latest issue of VJump has begun leaking out and with it some new information on LRFFXIII.

The big scoop is an all new character by the name of Lumina who appears at Lightning’s destination. She is said to be both a help and hindrance – with an appearance somewhat like a gothic lolita Serah (complete with duck-lips), content with toying with Lightning.

Not much else is known about her, but more information should be available soon – or at least by next week when Famitsu provides the entire thing.

The magazine also has some updates on Lightning’s costumes. Known in the game as “Wear” Lightning can equip up to three at once and change between them in real time during battles. Each outfit has its own ATB gauge that fills as you continue to fight.

If you paid attention to the Jump Festa trailer, you might have caught a glimpse at one known as “Dark Muse.” It’s the one that has the grill-shaped shield, chap-like pants, a camouflage jacket and a knife. Her other outfit revealed looks similar to a samurai’s armor and is called “Alone in the Dust.” Lightning herself will have new magic and abilities such as guard and evade.

Quests can be retrieved from a bulletin board similar to Marks in FFXII. By completing quests you can extend the time left in the world.

Via: A9VG.

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