Ehren's 3FP: Final Fantasy IV ~Open~

It’s Monday, May 29th, and time once again for my playthrough update! This time around, most of my time was spent leveling on auto-battle right near the beginning of the game. After that intense run through Final Fantasy III, I really just needed a break. I wanted to make sure I had something for Monday though, so I still played a bit.


~Saturday, April 27th

  • Began the game, and was sent on a mission to the Village of Mist
  • Inadvertently destroyed the summoners of the Vllage of Mist, but rescued the child Rydia
  • Discovered Rosa’s ‘desert sickness’ and set out toward the Antlion’s Cave for the cure
  • Renamed Cecil to ‘Muspel’ and Rydia to ‘Celest’
  • Power-leveled

~Sunday, April 28th

  • Power-leveled

~Monday, April 29th

  • Agreed to help Sage Tellah rescue his daughter and passed through to Damcyan
  • Reached the other side of the Watery Pass and saved at the entrance to the Underground Falls

…And that’s where I’m at! All told, I got Cecil and Rydia to Levels 18 and 16 respectively.


About the Author

Ehren Rivers Writer; Editorials, Final Fantasy News, Commenter. 24 years old and from the West Coast of the US, he is a longtime Final Fantasy fan who has played nearly every game in the series, both main and sideline. Favorite Final mainline Final Fantasies are XII and VIII, favorite side games are Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance 2. Avid reader of Nova Crystallis for many years, commenter for several months prior to being taken on.