Ehren's 3FP: Final Fantasy I ~Fin~ +II ~Open~

It’s Friday the 19th of April, and time for my bi-weekly progress report on my Final Fantasy Full Playthrough. (Known from now on as the 3FP) Some of you may already know, but I beat the first Final Fantasy game (PSP Version) fairly quickly. Since I was too busy to do so on Monday, at the bottom of this article you’ll find my Final Fantasy I thoughts and opinions. I plan to do this with each game as I complete them. I haven’t kicked Final Fantasy II (PSP) yet, but I’m trucking along.  Moving on from my Monday report, here’s what I’ve got going on.



~Tuesday, April 16th

  • Completed Kashuan Keep and Obtained the Sunfire
  • Improved every character’s skills
  • Reached the Dreadnought, and destroyed it after rescuing Hilda
  • Traveled to Deist, and saved the Wyvern’s Egg

~Wednesday, April 17th

  • Discovered and defeated the Hilda imposter
  • Reached the Coliseum, and improved the party’s skills
  • Rescued the real Hilda from the Coliseum
  • Helped the Wild Rose Rebellion free Fynn from the Empire

~Thursday, April 18th

  • Obtained the White Mask from the secret Fynn Catacombs
  • Traveled to Mysidia, and improved the party’s skills
  • Obtained the Black Mask from the Tropical Island
  • Obtained the Crystal Rod from Mysidia Cave
  • Set out for the Mysidian Tower

~Friday, April 19th -Morning (until 3:00PM PDT)

  • Escaped the belly of the Leviathan
  • Climbed the Mysidian Tower and Obtained the Ultima Tome
  • Returned to Fynn to learn about the Cyclone

…And that’s where I’m at! I equipped the Ultima Tome to Firion (who has Level 14 in most of the weaponry), and gave Flare to the girl. Everyone in the party has Holy, and I have an extra few copies of Holy laying around for other characters. I’ll probably play more later tonight, and make a habit of splitting Friday up between reports so each article is for 3 and 1/2 days.


Final Fantasy I ~ Parting Thoughts

I’ve always enjoyed the first Final Fantasy (and have played it on every English system it has been released on), and the 20th Anniversary Edition on the PSP is no exception. While the first Final Fantasy has never been hard for me at all, I enjoyed the challenge of many of the added enemies (some of whom are unique to the PSP version of the game), and I was very happy with the updated translations. I’ve grown apart from my love of random encounters in more recent years, but the game was solid and the frequency of battles added at least a bit of playtime to an otherwise short narrative. This game is, as ever, a little too light on story for my personal tastes, and yet I can say with confidence that what story was there is greatly enjoyable. Were this game to ever see a console remake, I would like to have the option to explore the world of the past. It would be cool to see what some of those ancient civilizations were like at the height of their power, before Garland began the Chaos Loop.

Overall a fun game and really good on the nostalgia vibe for the battle system, even though many of the mechanics were abandoned with Final Fantasy IV. I don’t think I could ever stop enjoying this game.

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Ehren Rivers Writer; Editorials, Final Fantasy News, Commenter. 24 years old and from the West Coast of the US, he is a longtime Final Fantasy fan who has played nearly every game in the series, both main and sideline. Favorite Final mainline Final Fantasies are XII and VIII, favorite side games are Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance 2. Avid reader of Nova Crystallis for many years, commenter for several months prior to being taken on.