Ehren’s 3FP: Final Fantasy VI ~Act 3~

It’s Friday the 24th, and you know what that means! This week was still a little slow, but I made a decent amount of progress. I’ve done a fair amount of the extra stuff, and unlike most of the other games I’ve been referring to a guide every now and then just to make sure I don’t miss things that are crucial to the endgame! Since this is the only game I haven’t personally played prior to this, a lot of the information I’ve gotten from watching others playing or by reading about it hasn’t really stuck with me. Enough of that, though!


~Tuesday, May 21st

  • Entered Narshe and was promptly kicked out, then snuck in through the Mines
  • Ruinited the entire party in Narshe
  • Defended Narshe from Kefka’s assault and protected the Esper
  • Lost Terra to the influences of the Esper
  • Put together a party of Celes, Edgar, and Sabin to find her
  • Stopped by Figaro castle and reminisced before setting out to Kohlingen
  • Shopped at Kohlingen and learned the ‘streaking light’ (Terra) had gone south

~Wednesday, May 22nd

  • Arrived in Jidoor and did some shopping, then learned Terra had turned north again to the mountains
  • Arrived in Zozo and searched for Terra
  • Met the Esper, Ramuh, and set out to help Terra recover
  • Returned to Jidoor and learned about Setzer
  • Made for the Opera House and had Celes impersonate the opera singer Maria
  • Had Celes sing in the opera, and beat up Ultros when he crashed the party
  • Snuck aboard Setzer’s airship to rescue Celes, and ended up recruting Setzer to the cause.

~Thursday, May 23rd

  • Landed in the Empire, outside the town of Albrook
  • Made my way to Vector, capital of the Empire
  • Snuck into the Magitek Laboratory, but failed to rescue the Espers
  • Celes leaves the party, using her magic to drive off Kefka while we escape
  • Took the magicite and fled the laboratory, escaping the Empire in the airship
  • Returned to Terra and learned her true nature as half-Esper
  • Went back to Narshe in the airship, and decided to open the gate to the Esper World

~Friday, May 24th

  • Arrived at the Imperial Observation Post and snuck through
  • Entered the cavern leading to the Sealed Gate
  • Fought Kefka off long enough for Terra to open the Gate and release a slew of Espers
  • Made for Vector on the airship, until the Espers appeared and crashed it
  • Traveled from Maranda to the Imperial capital of Vector, which was assaulted by the Espers
  • Spoke with Emperor Gestahl, and convinced his soldiers to stand down
  • Agreed to go to Crescent Island with General Leo to calm the Espers
  • Reunited with Celes and Shadow in Albrook, and set sail with General Leo
  • Arrived at Crescent Island and stopped in Thamasa to update the party’s equipment

…And that’s where I’m at! As always, if you have any tips, tricks, suggestions, or just want to discuss the game with me feel free to do so in the comments section. I’ve got a feeling my thoughts on this game (and those that come after) will start to get a lot more wordy as the games grow more complex, so don’t be shy about mentioning something optional if you think it’s a must!

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Ehren Rivers Writer; Editorials, Final Fantasy News, Commenter. 24 years old and from the West Coast of the US, he is a longtime Final Fantasy fan who has played nearly every game in the series, both main and sideline. Favorite Final mainline Final Fantasies are XII and VIII, favorite side games are Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance 2. Avid reader of Nova Crystallis for many years, commenter for several months prior to being taken on.