Ehren's 3FP: Final Fantasy VI ~Open~

Hello again, readers! It’s Friday (May 17th), and time once again for my playthrough update. I started Final Fantasy VI Advance on Tuesday, and so far I’m enjoying myself quite a lot. I never realized how stupidly overpowered Edgar’s Auto-Crossbow was right at the beginning of the game, and I have basically been shredding enemies all week. Although it was another somewhat busy week and I’m still very near the beginning, I managed to get in some solid playtime and even have Locke, Terra, Edgar, and Sabin up to Level 18! Now, without further ado…


~Tuesday, May 14th

  • Began Final Fantasy VI
  • Broke into the Narshe Mines and attempted to steal the frozen Esper
  • Woke up in Narshe, freed from the slave crown by the Esper’s power surge
  • Fled from the angry town guards through the caverns

~Wednesday, May 15th

  • Escaped through the caves and headed to Figaro Castle in the desert
  • Met with the King of Figaro, and fled Kefka’s attack on the castle
  • Passed through South Figaro and headed to Mt. Kolts

~Thursday, May 16th

  • Power-leveled like no tomorrow
  • Reached the Returner Hideout in the Sabre Mountains and agreed to join them
  • Took the raft back to Narshe and defeated Ultros

~Friday, May 17th

  • -Chose Locke’s Story
  • Stole a bunch of people’s clothing and snuck through South Figaro
  • Met up with Celes and escaped South Figaro

…And that’s where I’m at! I still plan to get more done, but I actually had to write up the article around 11AM today due to a previous engagement that got bumped up several hours. I can definitely promise a more substantial update for Monday, as I’ve got the whole weekend to myself finally! One last thing, though. As I’ve said before, VI is the only game I’ve never personally played. I’ve read it, I’ve watched other’s play it, etc., but the information basically just hasn’t stuck with me. If you have any tips, tricks, or useful advice please do comment below. Have a great weekend, folks!

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