Square Enix: We will continue to pursue high-end game quality; new information to be shared at E3

The full transcript from Square Enix’s financial briefing for the previous fiscal year is now available in English and with it a little more insight into the company’s plans for the future.

While it’s no secret that former CEO Yoichi Wada stepped down due to the company’s less than desirable performance the last fiscal year, his replacement – Yosuke Matsuda – seems intent on getting things back on track.

During the briefing, Matsuda touched on several subjects including smartphone development, focusing on regionality (developing games suitable for different regions), as well as titles that had been recently cancelled or reexamined for market viability. That said, Square Enix still plans on placing an emphasis on flagship titles – presumably such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts – while pursuing a new definition of “AAA development.”

“Of course, we will continue to invest in flagship titles that showcase our technological prowess, pursuing high‐end game quality, and which can earn profits on a global basis,” said Matsuda. “Regarding a number of these types of titles, we will share information with everyone at this year’s E3. That said, we cannot reasonably finance this direction for every single title, and we have to think about our entire product portfolio.”

The rest of the 15 page financial report can be read here.

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