Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS3 Beta Key Giveaway

Miss out on our last giveaway? You’re in luck.

We’ve been given another go-around of FFXIV beta codes – this time for the PS3 version version – courtesy of Square Enix to share with our readers this week. Getting a code is quite simple – unlike last time, we won’t be taking to Twitter but instead have an easy to use link on our own website.

Once you’ve secured a code, head on over to the official beta registration site to claim the goods. As Phase 3 of the beta continues this weekend, Square Enix and the FFXIV community are preparing plenty of opportunities to go around.

This contest is for North American fans only and as such will only work in the North American region (sorry European and Asian friends). Winners MUST review the instructions for registration below. One code per person – and we would appreciate it if you didn’t try to sell the key either.

If you are a current tester on the PC version:
If you already have PC beta access and are looking for the PS3 promo code, you’ll also receive an additional PC beta key through the giveaway. If you are already a PC beta user, you can simply use the PS3 promo code to download the client and use your current PC beta login to play on the PS3 client. What you don’t want to do is register a separate beta service account with the additional PC beta key. In short – you need both the beta account code and PS3 client code if you wish to play on PS3. The key generator will display both.


For more information on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, visit the official site.

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