Final Fantasy XV is the first part in a larger epic

Final Fantasy XV will be getting the sequel treatment too, if Tetsuya Nomura’s words are to be believed.

The director shared some insight into the game with Famitsu this week – more specifically focusing on “a world of the VERSUS epic.” This line, which appears at the end of the announcement trailer, is actually a tease to foreshadow XV’s grandiose story.

Nomura says the game has become absolutely huge and as a result he is considering a compilation similar to that of Final Fantasy VII. Given the game’s seven year wait, however, he doesn’t want to keep fans waiting long between potential entries.

This wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix has extended the stories off a mainline title, aside from VII, X, XII and more recently FFXIII received the sequel treatment – a move often questioned by fans. If Nomura and his team are planning out the story ahead of time, however, perhaps a more cohesive series can come together.

Further details on XV and KH3 from the interview can be read through here.

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