Focus On: Lightning Returns reveals some new information and a wealth of screenshots

During the Square Enix Presents ‘Focus On’ for Lightning Returns, there was a very special guest present: Ali Hillis, the English voice of Lightning. Ms. Hillis talks about how she was chosen for the role, and how overwhelming the first session was. She apparently had to learn a lot about the world in a very short time, and didn’t know her role was going to be so big when she first auditioned. Ali talks next about how she tries to get the layers across from the backstory and information she was given.

“I wouldn’t bet against me.”


The hostess asks about Lightning’s evolution and the changes in her personality. Ali feels Lightning has become more sarcastic over time, and necessarily more hardened in order to deal with the things that have happened to her. In the actress’ opinion, Lightning has now become a “real warrior” where before she was just kind of young (and a little angry, I might add). Next, the hostess asks about Ali’s feelings and experiences with the passionate Final Fantasy fans. Ms. Hilis talks about some amazing cosplayers she’s met, and how much she enjoys talking to her fans. She remembers one particular cosplayer who was so nervous she almost couldn’t speak. Ali, however, was so awestruck by how good the cosplay was that she almost couldn’t speak either.

“It happened long ago, in a past that I cannot change. I was fighting a war that never ended. I thought I was saving the world, and I needed help.”


Next, they showed the video of Lightning Returns art director painting the picture he revealed at the announcement of the game. They talk about for a short time before moving onto a “Making Of” segment showcasing Lightning’s new model, a sneak peak at a developer diary video the released in “a month or so”. The video showed off quite a few new assets, which I have included in a gallery below. The hostess then introduces Kelsey Brit, who is showing off some merchandise for the game. They compared the Play Arts Kai models, talked about how the Lightning Returns figure would be a big bigger, and showed off an oversized prototype of the figure. They played around for a little, having Ali Hillis read some of her Lightning lines. Some of them are from Lightning Returns, which I’m sure you noticed above.

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