Tetsuya Nomura to attend E3 this year

The second episode of Square Enix’s mdRadio has shown up a bit early – arriving a day ahead of schedule for some reason or another.

While Nomura neglected to talk about Final Fantasy Versus XIII this time – instead reflecting on how fans have been clamoring for a The World End With You sequel and how he’d like to create one – he did sound off on the fact that he will be making his way over to E3 this year.

While Nomura will be attending for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX promotion, he explains there is “certain information to be announced at E3” which he can’t talk about at this moment. He goes on to say “however, I feel like everyone knows what this information will be anyway.”

It’s been three years since Nomura last attended E3 – previously having done so for the reveal of Nintendo’s 3DS system along with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. Given the timing and the loads of hints, rumors, leaks or otherwise leading up to this year it seems the timing for Versus XIII’s reveal is coming to a head.

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