The Primal Egis and Summoner gear of Final Fantasy XIV

One of the classes making it for Final Fantasy XIV’s relaunch is the Arcanist, which will eventually lead to that of the Summoner class once you reach level 30. A new update on the official developer’s blog revealed a few snapshots of the avatars – known as Primal Egis – that a Summoner will be able to command. For example, the Ifrit Egi will draw on fire elements, Titan gives earth and Garuda, wind.

The job class will also include a unique set of gear, which can be seen in use by the various races of the game below.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will release on August 27th for Windows PC and PlayStation 3, with a PS4 version slated for next year. With less than one month until launch, those looking to pre-order can still do so through here.

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