Fang won't be the only guest character to join your party in Lightning Returns

If you’ve seen the new Lightning Returns trailer out of Gamescom, then you’ll know that Lightning won’t be entirely alone on her upcoming adventure. Speaking with Famitsu, Game Design Director Yuji Abe shared some additional details on this development and what it means for the final release.

In the trailer, Fang is seen fighting alongside Lightning, but Abe confirms she won’t be the only character to do so. No names were given but it’s expected that more information will explained in the coming months. Fang’s inclusion will not be controllable by the player, but by AI only.

When the game was initially revealed, it was estimated that the completion time would take around 20 hours or more. The Japanese version of the game – which is currently undergoing its final debug phase – has taken on some changes that will keep the player going longer. Among them, the possibility of interrupting the flow of time, which reduces the tension of the inevitable apocalypse. Abe now estimates the game will take players around 50 hours to complete from their initial run.

Lightning’s Heart Stealer outfit is indeed inspired by Locke’s outfit from FFVI. Costume designer Toshiyuki Itahana specially drew inspiration from the shapes and colors of Yoshitaka Amano’s style.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the next bit of major information on the game will come with its playable debut in Japan at Tokyo Game Show later next month. It is here that a new character will see its reveal. So far, the only new face to join the cast is Lumina – a character who also remains somewhat mysterious.

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