Nomura will discuss Kingdom Hearts III in the next PS4 Conversations with Creators interview

Previously, Nomura discussed the ins and outs of Final Fantasy XV and how the PS4 was making “the impossible possible” for him and his team at Square Enix. Now it seems the director will be back for a second turn, this time to discuss Kingdom Hearts III if reports on 2ch are to be believed.

Nomura’s second Conversations with Creator’s interview – an official series sanctioned by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia to discuss all things PS4 and its contents – will arrive some time in October. If it’s to be anything like the FFXV one that arrived last week, expect some musings on the games concepts, mechanics, and general conversation about the PS4 hardware. There probably won’t be any significant news or new footage here, so it’s important to keep expectations tempered for now.

Via: FF-Reunion.

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