The Lightning Returns prequel novel is "a drama about humanity resisting despair"

Earlier this week, a listing appeared on Amazon Japan for a currently untitled Lightning Returns novel. Written by Benny Matsuyama and priced at ¥980 (approximately $9.85), it will cover some of the events in the 500 years between the end of XIII-2 and Lightning’s awakening from crystal sleep at the beginning of Lightning Returns. The description of the novel is incredibly brief, but promises to deliver a drama of people struggling against despair in a world eroded by Chaos. The publishing date on Amazon is 11/21/2013, the same date that the game itself releases in Japan. Since it was confirmed recently that there would be no supplemental material post-release, it seems likely the novel will be published on or before the Amazon date.

A similar set of novels was released alongside XIII-2 (Fragments Before and Fragments After), but neither saw international release. There currently no indication this new novel will make it outside of Japan either.

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