Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call's TGS demo has 12 playable tracks

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call – the followup to last year’s original title on 3DS will be playable at TGS this week and Square Enix is bringing along 12 brand new tracks for attendees to get their hands on.

The title itself will launch in 2014 and include brand new characters, music and game modes. New music scheduled for the game includes songs from Final Fantasy I-XIV, X-2, Mystic Quest, FF Tactics, Advent Children, Dissidia, FF Type-0 and Lightning Returns.

The TGS demo will offer several different song modes including Battle Music Stage, Field Music Stage and Event Music Stage. The final version of the game will also feature a Versus Battle Mode. The songs on display are:

Final Fantasy V
BMS – Battle on the Big Bridge
FMS – Airship

Final Fantasy VI
BMS – The Decisive Battle
FMS – Edgar and Sabin’s Theme

Final Fantasy IX
BMS – Hunter Chance
FMS – You’re Not Alone

Final Fantasy X
BMS – Battle with Seymour
FMS – To Zanarkand

Final Fantasy XIV
BMS – Ten Yori Furishi Chikara

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
EMS – Advent: One-Winged Angel

Final Fantasy Type-0
EMS – We Have Arrived

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
BMS – Crimson Blitz

Via: 4Gamer.

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