Pre-load Lightning Returns from the Japanese PlayStation store

Playing Lightning Returns on November 21st just got a whole lot easier for those looking to dip their feet in before the game heads West next year.

Sony has setup a simple pre-order for the game on the Japanese PlayStation store, allowing fans to purchase the game now and download it ahead of release. Priced at ¥7,000, the game will clock in at a hefty 9.6GB when it unlocks for early pre-load on November 19th. That means fans can load up Lightning Returns on their PS3 hard drive a couple days early so once the 21st rolls around, they’ll be good to go without any extra waiting. Those that do grab the game digitally will also be treated to Cloud’s SOLDIER 1st Class DLC and a Lightning Returns custom PS3 theme for free as well.

The pre-order itself can be accessed using a Japanese PSN account, or directly through the PlayStation web store.


Of course, if you still want the game on a physical disc, Play Asia has you covered. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions – with the former being region free – are still available for around the same price as the download version (excluding shipping).

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