Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XII Summary; Patch 2.16 and 2.2 "Through The Maelstrom"

Square Enix hosted the Final Fantasy XIV: Full Active Time Event in OSAKA today, complete with a Letter from the Producer LIVE. Much was discussed by Naoki Yoshida and the ever-present Foxclon, as well as special guest; Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai.

Much of the content in the LIVE Letter focused on the upcoming Patch 2.2; but also announced was Patch 2.16 set for February 22nd, announcements regarding Valentione’s Day (February 4th to February 17th) and Little Lady’s Day (Late February) were also given.

Patch 2.16 is set to include:

  • Summoning Bell in Revenant’s Toll
  • New Features for the Market Boards (Wish List feature, and adjustments on the filters)
  • Ability to summon minions and mounts at random
  • Dhorme Chimera and Hydra being added to the Duty Finder
  • Gear sets will automatically substitute main arm when item is not available
  • Cooldown timer for timeworn maps to be displayed or adjusted (not clarified)
  • Crafting stats will affect quick synthesis success rate
  • Gear dying preview feature
  • Notification feature for Party Finder
  • Mog Letter history
  • New achievement rewards
  • New feature to reselect focus targets (i.e. Primals after they disappear for certain attacks)
  • Map marker feature
  • More action icons for macros
  • New command to have character look towards the Camera
  • Characters will appear wet during rainy weather
  • Potential targets will have a glowing outline when hovering the mouse over them

Currently, the content set for Patch 2.2 (March) is as follows:

  • Leviathan Primal Battle (Hard and Extreme Modes)
  • The Amdapor Township Dungeon
  • The Binding Coil of Bahamut Extension
  • Thornmarch Extreme Mode
  • Brayflox’s Longstop Hard Mode
  • Halatali Hard Mode
  • New Daily Beast Tribe Quests (Kobold and Sahagin)
  • New Hildibrand storyline
  • New Allagan Tomestone types
  • Glamours Vanity System named Mirage Prism
  • New advanced crafting recipes
  • New fishing challenges
  • New Aesthetician hairstyles
  • A brief talk about the Playstation 4 version revealed the Box Art, Open Beta Date (Feb 22nd), and Release Date (14th April) with pre-orders beginning on January 27th. Also revealed; two new Collector’s Edition items, Wind-Up Moogle and Fat Chocobo Mount. Yoshida clarified that PC and PS3 players who have already purchase the Collector’s Edition will get these items free of charge without having to buy the PS4 Collector’s Edition.
    Along with the above, clarification was also given on the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack (March 27th) complete with the Wind-Up Bahamut minion. Announcements took place regarding two new Strategy Guides that contain content up to 2.1, the first focusing on Maps, Quest and Content while the second focuses on Classes, Jobs and Items, both will be available on February 27th; although no clarification was given for a western release.

    Before the end of the stream Yoshida announced the next Letter from the Producer LIVE would take place in SAPPORO in North Japan; and that would air during March 2014 with admission based upon an invitation only basis.

    As usual feel free to peruse the gallery below featuring screenshots from the LIVE Letter, and don’t forget to check out the official Question and Answer Summary.

    What have you been doing in Eorzea since 2.1? What are you most excited for in Patch 2.16 and 2.2? and will you be purchasing the Official Soundtrack and Strategy Guides? Comment below and discuss!

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