Final Fantasy XIV - Letter from the Producer LIVE XV: Syrcus Tower, Frontline PvP and more!

Letter from the Producer LIVE XV, the second Livestream at E3 2014 finished a short while ago and brought with it some visual treats and further information on the upcoming patch 2.3.

The most important information to come from the Letter was the Patch date which is scheduled currently for July 8th; with the patch notes going live on July 7th. So mark your calendars and make sure to book them days off for an extra long patch filled weekend!

Clarification was also given in regards to the upcoming “Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014” event, the teaser site is currently scheduled “Coming Soon” but expect that to have further information regarding ticket purchases and event activites;

  • Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV – October 18th-19th 2014
  • Tobacco Dock, London, United Kingdom – October 25th 2014
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan – December 20th-21st, 2014

Again, mark your calendars and make sure to book them days off! Expect Nova Crystallis to also bring you further information about these events.

Moving onto core content that was presented; Crystal Tower Part Two “Syrcus Tower”, Frontlines PvP and Ramuh were the highlights of the show, pictures of which you can see below in the ever-present Gallery.

Syrcus Tower is looking very grand and beautiful, with large halls and crystal-forged staircases reaching high up into the lofts of Eorzea, as well as a large Opera House-like stage likely serving as the final boss battle. Item level 100 equipment was also confirmed, alongside a 30% drop-rate for Unidentified Allagan Tomestones, Oils of Time and Sands of Time (Note: They will be added one by one, and not all at once), finally confirmation was given in regards to the one equipment loot a week restriction like Labyrinth of the Ancients, although it’s unknown if this is shared with the aforementioned items.

Naoki Yoshida’s described the new PvP Content as such; “Frontline is content that a lot of people enjoy at once and it was made with the idea of being extremely easy to get into PvP content. You’ll be able to enjoy this easily.” The Frontline PvP area was also revealed as “Carteneau Flats”, the very same place the “End Of An Era/A New Beginning” trailer took place, and this is noticeable with the large presence of Coil Ruins scattered around. Frontline will allow up to a total of 72 players, that’s 24 vs. 24 vs. 24, to go head to head in drect combat, the system will also allow for 8 vs. 8 vs. 8 and 16 vs. 16 vs. 16 depending on Duty Finder situations. A single battle will take up to 30 minutes time, or until the first team attains 1,000 points, whichever comes first, currently there are no role restrictions as players can change jobs at “Outposts” within the Frontline at any time and rewards consist of Wolf Marks as well as Soldiery Tomes.

Much was discussed in regards to various other aspects of Patch 2.3; A new side quest revolving around the Eorzea’s Delivery Moogles, the beastmen tribe Ixali will be the new Beastmen Faction, Chocobo Raising and alongside features such as “re-growing” your Chocobo’s feathers any colour, and finally Private Chambers inside Free Company houses which will cost around 300k.

For further information and finer details, as always with the Letter from the Producer LIVE, the diligent Community Team have provided their full Question and Answer Update thread.

Sadly no trailer has dropped so far for Patch 2.3, but with it being only three weeks away, “Please look forward to it”!

Until next time!

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