G-Bike may open the door for more Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII’s latest game is taking shape in the form of G-Bike – a new social game for mobile platforms based on the original Gold Saucer mini-game – and it doesn’t seem like it will be alone. Square Enix has already teased further games could come, and in this weeks Famitsu, the game’s developers have teased perhaps more.

The G-Bike staff includes series veterans such as executive producer Yoshinori Kitase and Ichiro Hazama, as well as CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama – the outside developer Square Enix is working with on the title. Tetsuya Nomura, also working on the game and suggested the two companies work together. G-Bike represents the first time in a while Square Enix has decided to create something new for the FFVII series – although Hazama insists it has “no bearing on the [current] canon.” With that in mind, Famitsu brought forward two questions – one of which often comes up when discussing the PS1 original: Is this a starting point for FFVII titles here after? Is there a possibility of remake of the original FFVII?

“I wonder…” laughed Kitase. “Maybe if Matsuyama is in charge of the criterion and the groundwork is finished, would we be fully prepared to remake it? Granting the quality line and fans’ excitement, I think comparatively it hangs on this title. I have my hopes up.” Matsuyama replied, “…Well, I’d be happy to! (Big laughter)”

Although Kitase is no stranger to the mountain of remake questions over the years, the idea that G-Bike may usher in a new era for FFVII wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities. After all, it’s a series that sells and Square Enix never said anything about the Compilation going away for good. New, smaller titles may be just the thing to kick-start a new era for both new and older fans who just can’t seem to let go.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is in development for iOS and Android platforms.

Via: SQEX.info.

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