Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is more than just a racing game

During a special stage at Tokyo Game Show, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike producer Ichirou Hazama showed us that the upcoming mobile game isn’t just a simple racer. Modeled after the original motorcycle mini-game in Final Fantasy VII, G-Bike allows Cloud not only the ability to jump and slash enemies with his sword, but he can also use Limit Breaks and materia-based magic. Similar to the original game, Cloud will battle against normal enemies but bosses will make their appearance as well.

Also included is a character support system where Cloud can rely on another ally to help him out. Demonstrated during the event, Cloud calls upon Tifa Lockhart, who uses her Premium Hearts. Hazama wishes to add even more FFVII-themed elements and different course locations to the game to round out fan nostalgia. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura also drew a new image of Cloud (as seen above), showing him alongside his motorcycle in a new biker outfit. It’s just one of many other outfits Cloud will be able to unlock in the game – although doing so will prove to be quite the challenge.

Final Fantasy G-Bike is a free-to-play title coming to mobile platforms in Japan later this year.

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