Final Fantasy XIV gets a Game of the Year re-release

Square Enix has announced that its successful MMO reboot, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is to get a Game of the Year themed re-release next month, featuring some cool bonuses and additional content.

The newly announced PC-only package, set to launch in Europe on the 14th November, features 5 exclusive art cards, a total 90 days of in-game subscription time, and access to the main game and all of the major content updates released thus far. It also comes in a special “Book of Diamonds” box – themed after the game’s healing grimoire of the same name.

The MMO do-over has seen impressive success since its original relaunch last year. A free trial to level 20 is now available if you’re yet to check it out.


This month a series of Final Fantasy XIV-themed fan events are set to take place across the globe, and first information on a full expansion pack is expected to surface. Japanese trademarks suggest that the expansion may be called “Blue Skies of Ishgard” or some other variation on that name.

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