New Final Fantasy XV details out of Paris Games Week

The theme of Final Fantasy XV is going to be its “bromance,” Hajime Tabata said today during a presentation at Paris Games Week. Speaking in front of a large audience, the director showed off a bit more of Final Fantasy Type-0 before moving on to an all-new sneak peak at Final Fantasy XV.

Following a reshowing of the TGS trailer, the game’s new footage had one focus: exploration. Noctis and his entourage could be seen running around vast locations, including a forested area and a service station with NPCs, along with a fisher’s cabin next to a lake. According to those who saw it, the map looks really big!

The video was crafted especially for this occasion in Paris as a live demonstration of a portion of Episode Duscae, said Tabata. As Noctis runs through the fields, viewers were able to see giant monsters with enemy designs inspired by Yoshitaka Amano. At night, the mobs become extremely dangerous and at one point in the video wild chocobos are clearly visible.

The team is also working on a variety of mini-games, such as fishing. Tabata originally wanted a number of them in Type-0, but he’ll be pouring his energy into that for XV instead. Square Enix is also looking into adding the Japanese voice overs into the overseas version as well.

“The gameplay video from E3 2013 was cool,” said Tabata as he showed off some XV development images in a behind-the-scenes sort of video. “But we’re planning even better stuff for March 2015.” Tabata showed off another tech demo focusing on newcomer Luna, whom the team created an actual wig for her hair. Currently, Final Fantasy XV is running on Luminous 1.4 but Tabata hopes to get it on the 2.0 version by the game’s release.

Square Enix will be following up with even more on Type-0 and XV tomorrow morning with the continuation of Tabata’s Active Time Report. Check back at 7AM EDT for the live stream with eventual English translations to come.

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