Yoshi-P talks Heavensward's flying mounts, new primals, Dark Knight and gunner class teased

The London side of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival activities kicked off today with another keynote and producer/director Naoki Yoshi revealing just a bit more on the game’s first expansion, Heavensward.

The presentation began with a bit of news for European players: Square Enix is in talks for size and location for European-based data centers. Yoshi-P also reiterated that the optional item shop paid for with real money is not “pay to win” and players will only be able to obtain vanity items such as minions and mounts through the service.

Moving on to Heavensward, players will be able to use flying mounts such as single rider airships in the new skyward areas. Seven flying mounts will be available – including a flying chocobo – with various movement speeds increased for mounts as well. Yoshida suggests that the Heavensward Collector’s Edition may include a statue of one of the flying mounts.

Two of the new beast tribes available in the expansion will be the Vanu Vanu, who worship the primal Bismarck, and the Gnath who call upon Ravana, another new primal confirmed for Heavensward. New player jobs will also be introduced, including confirmation of Dark Knight – a greatsword (two-handed) tank job class with no base class. Dark Knights will wield weapons and the power of Darkness. Heavenward’s next job was also teased during the event, to be revealed at Tokyo’s Fan Fest in December. Based on past promises and a visual cue of Yoshi-P wearing a 007 t-shirt, it’s likely the gun-user class we heard about before E3.

More on Final Fantasy XIV is likely to be heard throughout the day as London prepares for further festivities including a developer Q&A and interviews with other special guests. You can catch most of that on stream here as well as through our continued coverage.

Via: Final Fantasy Network.

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