Final Fantasy Agito+ delayed due to technical issues

Final Fantasy Agito was all set to come to the PlayStation Vita in the form of Final Fantasy Agito+ as revealed at Tokyo Game Show a few months back. Due to circumstances, however, the game was delayed past its January 15th release date rather recently because of unspecified technical issues. This week, both Famitsu and producer Hajime Tabata have cleared up the reasoning for the delay and what it means for the final release.

“We discovered a big problem within the development environment, and inevitably had to delay the game,” Tabata said. “This is a problem within the development environment of PS Vita, and there’s not much more we can do as a company. Right now, we’re waiting for an update to the development environment, as well as support from Sony Computer Entertainment. As soon as we can pinpoint a release date, we’ll announce it at a later time.”

Final Fantasy Agito was built atop the Unity engine. It’s likely there where Square Enix is having their current issue.

Tabata also provided an update on the progress of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The team has begun its debugging stage and final turn of development. Square Enix has also updated the game’s camera movement and speed, which will allow battles to be seen an executed a lot easier.

Via: Gematsu.

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