Famitsu details what you can expect in Final Fantasy XV's demo

This week’s Famitsu has the latest scoop on Final Fantasy XV’s demo, Episode Duscae, set to arrive with first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD next month.

Branching off from the bit of camping information we learned from Jump last week, Famitsu’s article goes into more detail on the Duscae region itself and what you’ll be able to do there. Duscae is an area with a lot of plains but also includes a mountainous area with trees scattered about. Should you explore deep within you will be able to find caves which can contain hidden treasures, but beware the strong monsters that lurk within.

In battle, Noctis and crew will gain experience points that will aid in leveling up – similar to games of Final Fantasy’s past. Unlike those old games, however, none of those points will actually mean anything until you set up camp for the night and view each individual character’s progress.

Camping is sort of like a mini-game in itself. There will be events in which Noctis can speak to his friends, you can change out equipment here and Ignis can make food that will aid your party with buffs and other bonus effects. Ignis is so special, he’ll even have his very own Cooking Level and can cook meals such as Fuwatoro Eggs on Toast, Aepyornis Eggs and Gighee Ham. Ingredients for these meals can be purchased in town or gathered out in the field from slain enemies.

During quests, the player objective will appear on the HUD and the general area where you can complete said quest will be highlighted for ease of location.

One particular note of interest for the demo version is the behemoth. Seen in trailers since the days of Versus XIII, you’ll finally get your chance to take on this massive beast. The article recommends, however, you take precautions and prepare your party well in advance. If you rush in there head on, there’s a chance he’ll defeat you if you’re caught even the slightest off-guard. If your HP does reach zero, however, Noctis’ allies can revive him to fight again. In the demo, Gladiolus hears tell that subduing a Behemoth will net a high reward. After telling the others, they run off to engage the beast in battle.

The magazine also sees the return of Noctis’ mysterious red eyes and the particles that surround him. Another screenshot features the weapon ability “Jump” which could be tied to the dragoon spear we’ve seen in previous footage.

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