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This week’s Famitsu has a new interview with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata. While the hard copy is due out later this week, the interview in full has been posted on Famitsu’s website for all to read. We’ve summarized all the important bits below.


Meteor of Lestallum is as old as the Genesis story of XV. It’s not something Noctis and his friends will investigate while on their journey. Because the meteor’s existence is already there since the “beginning of time” as it were.

Car Radio

About installing a car radio: Tabata is “looking into it.” He’s thinking of two things: playing your own MP3s, and playing Final Fantasy/Square Enix title music. Legal issues surround the first thing (playing your own MP3s). The team’s working on the latter. The car radio is definitely possible in Japan and the United States, but European laws are strict, says Tabata. A pop theme wouldn’t fit within the game’s world so they won’t be exploring that idea either.


Tabata: “When I asked about Moogles, there wasn’t enough of a response from the audience [at TGS], so in the end we won’t be adding them in (laugh).” Famitsu: There was pretty big applause… how about we give RT numbers and show users’ real opinions? “I’ll reconsider,” says Tabata.


There is a huge demand for a Shimomura arrangement of the main Final Fantasy theme. Tabata wants to hear it too. Other themes such as the chocobo theme are progressing well.


In FFXV, there will be a record of what kinds of fish have been caught. You can catch fish that have lengths of up to one meter. You can fish in lakes, but currently the mini-game does not allow fishing in seas. Tataba thinks it’s cool to add the game while on the boat. How successful you are in fishing doesn’t depend on your level, but rather how well you use the lure.

Buddy Things

Prompto takes photos with his smartphone, and for a certain reason, he wants to save pictures of him and his friends while on the road trip. Gladiolus has been a fan of Coleman and the outdoors since he was a kid, and he’s collected various Coleman items since then. Gladio also likes fighting, so he researches techniques and skills. The skills he learns will be applied in friends’ linked attacks.

Chocobo Riding

Battles can start even if you’re riding on a Chocobo. You won’t fight while on a Chocobo, though. Should your chocobo not want to fight when the battle begins, he’ll run away. The chocobo’s stamina depends on the things you feed it. Good food means chocobos will avoid enemies while bad food allows them to betray you. Because black chocobos are wild, you won’t necessarily be able to ride them.


Luna’s stern gaze is not a result of being surrounded by all of the soldiers. Rather, she’s gazing into the future that awaits. When Luna brushes aside the rifle, she’s not considering the present situation. The thing that awaits is rather intense. That’s a hint! Her assistant Gentiana is not just any assistant. Rather, she herself also is a special existence, you could say.

In order to prevent the Plague of the Star from advancing, Luna uses her powers. Because of this Plague, as the days go by, the nights also lengthen. Luna is preventing the world from plunging into complete darkness. The long nights will also affect game play. When you advance in the story, the nights get longer. According to Tabata, there is a very important meaning behind the word “dawn.”

Regarding the key visual of Noctis and Luna as children – the dog is delivering a message that connects Luna to Noctis. The dog is not a pet but perhaps is similar to Gentiana. The white dog will show up too. Noctis’ injury as a child allowed him to spend time with Luna and the arranged marriage and the promise that Noct and Luna made as children are completely unrelated. If you hadn’t guessed, Noctis’ injury in the image is a result of his near-death experience.


Airship as DLC is the more likely outcome at this point. Potential Gilgamesh DLC could contain a scenario. Tabata wants to prepare things for users who want to play even more of XV even after clearing the game. Gilgamesh is a good idea for that, according to him.

March Event

At the March event, Square Enix will announce not only the release date, but also the tech demo’s official name and specifications. At this time, the company will also announce other collaborations (besides Coleman) that are deeply involved with the game’s settings and “real-world” feeling. There will also be a bit of news that “no one is expecting.” It will probably be huge news, says Tabata.

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