Nomura, Kitase talk Final Fantasy VII Remake development progress

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, Final Fantasy VII Remake staff – including Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima – shared a multitude of new information across the publication’s 8-page interview scoop. While we’ve already heard some bits and pieces earlier in the week concerning the game’s scenario progress, forum user Rin has provided several more important details.

  • Nomura says he didn’t know when he’d appear on the PSX stage until the day of the event, after he’d entered Moscone (name of the center in San Francisco where PSX was held).
  • Right about when the 7R project was gearing up, it was Hashimoto who said that he wanted the remake to have AC-level visuals. Since Nomura is AC’s director, the decision to have him direct 7R was a natural one.
  • Nomura knows that we (the fans) are worried about the remake project’s schedule, and he says that they (Square Enix) also want to play it ASAP. This is one of the contributing factors to their decision to split the game into several parts.
  • Some parts in the Compilation that have been difficult to understand will be connected better in the Remake.
  • Nojima was impressed by voiced Biggs, Jessica, and Wedge, and he sent a message to Nomura saying, “I want them to talk more!”
  • Part of the escape after the Bombing Mission will serve as a tutorial for the game.
  • Nomura says that he and Kitase are not able to discuss online components of the VII Remake at this time. They have to focus on the game first.
  • Nojima has finished the main scenario of the first part of the remake. All the team have left to do is add side stuff and flesh out side characters such as Jessica, Wedge, and Biggs.
  • Kitase: “I hope to resume voice recording in January. Is that all right with you?” Nomura: “Are we even allowed to say that here? (laugh)”
  • Real ≠ Photoreal “Real” is an important keyword for 7R, but Nomura says this does not mean photo realism. The “real” comes from maintaining integrity and unity of the world.
  • Cyber Connect2 may have put together the latest PV. Nomura complained about CC2’s difference in directing taste, and so they changed the trailer’s style to fit more of SE’s.
  • The Osaka Kingdom Hearts team are in what seems to be frequent contact with the VIIR team back in Tokyo. Specifically, the KH team relay to the VII team about what successes they’ve had with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Nomura says the Shinra soldiers will not reappear in future promotion because they have yet to be refined. Compared to Barret, their design is still very rough, and Nomura says that the soldiers need to be detailed or else they won’t appear real.
  • Nomura mentions that grains of asphalt looked too big when compared to the size of the characters. He admits that he spent forever getting them to look finer. Kitase also says they’re working hard to make the roads look good.
  • Nomura says the quality we’ve seen in the PV will only get better. This is not representative of the final product.
  • VII’s famous opening, where the camera zooms in all across Midgar, etc., will probably be changed in the remake.
  • The remake will have more scenes of people actually living in Midgar.
  • The Guard command is being investigated, but the option to dodge is still available.
  • Kitase says that VIIR’s “ATB” is different, and while they still call it that, its formal name will likely change.
  • Another system that is not yet shown involves your party. It is different from party cooperation, though.

In closure, here’s part of a message scenario writer Nojima had for the fans: “This enormous train, FFVII, will take a bit longer to reach your station. Please use this time to prepare yourselves for the journey and battles ahead.”

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