Star Ocean 5 screenshots introduce party skills and world structure

Square Enix has posted new screenshots for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, detailing the various kingdoms found in the game as well as party skills.

The three main kingdoms of Feikreed: Trei’kur, Resulia, and Langdauq

Fidel, Miki, and Victor are from the middle kingdom of Resulia, while Fiore is from the allied kingdom of Langdaug. To the West is Trei’kur – a desert kingdom low on resources and fertile land. Its relationship with Resulia is often at odds, leading to conflict and war. Many military encampments can be found along the Resulia-Trei’kur border.

The kingdom of Trei’kur, in a land of desert.

Square Enix also detailed some of the party skills found in the game. These are typically passive abilities that affect exploration outside of battle, improving loot gathering capabilities. The publisher detailed a few of the types of skills listed below, accompanied by cute icon artwork:

Gathering Skills: Loot gathering points appear on the mini map and item acquisition increases

Drop Skills: Boost item drop rates when certain enemy types are defeated

Search Skills: Enemies or treasure chest appear on the mini map.

Other: There are also party skills that allow the player to change Fidel’s stance during events, as well as to hear divine messages.

You can find several screenshots of the kingdom of Trei’kur and these party skills in the gallery below. The are also a handful of images showcasing Victor’s battle skills.

Star Ocean 5 is releasing on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on March 31st in Japan and in other regions later in the year on PlayStation 4.

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