Final Fantasy XV's main story upped to 50 hours, airship implementation determined

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata let loose some new details in a NicoNico interview just ahead of the Uncovered event on March 30th.

Originally, the team had planned for players to complete the game’s main scenario in 40 hours – but now it will take you 50 hours. Tabata mentioned that while game doesn’t run at a stable 30 frames per second at the moment, they will continue working on the framerate until the end of the game’s development.

Airships will be implemented in the game, and the team has now determined how that will be done. Cactuars will also appear, and are said to be very powerful – they can even dodge Noctis’ souped up Shift Break (warp) abilities.

Tabata calls fishing “battling with fish,” and the activity will feel fairly realistic. Noctis is a prince so he hasn’t gone fishing before, but in XV he’ll go fishing for the first time and gradually, over the course of the game, get really into it. In that sense fishing isn’t just a mini-game but also part of the game’s story. Noctis’ age will also be revealed at a later point.

On the subject of cooking, the staff made real food and then scanned it into the game. There are many ingredients for cooking players can explore. The team is currently in the midst of balancing the content game, and while they’re not quite done yet, Tabata shares there will be more content than originally planned.

Looking forward to Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, Tabata says that there will be many surprises. He reaffirmed that the game’s release date will be announced there, as well as Japanese version of the new trailer. They’ll also detail the free, playable tech demo at the event and discuss specifications such as the game’s resolution. A Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 console is also in the works.

The PV prepared for Uncovered will be a “full specification” trailer with things like story and battle scenes rather than a teaser like the Dawn ones were. Tabata says that during last year’s Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, he prioritized continuing development over revealing footage. He said that making full trailers is costly since taking various parts of development and putting them together are required; the development team also have deadlines to meet at the same time, but he also understands fans’ requests for a full trailer.

You can watch the entire interview below (starting at 26:56):

Final Fantasy XV will release some time in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on our Final Fantasy XV coverage, click here.

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