Details about the freedom of vehicles in Final Fantasy XV

Right after the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event, the German print magazine Games Aktuell had the chance to interview Takeshi Nozue and Hajime Tabata.

While most of the information in the printed interview was also gathered by other media, it included some interesting tidbits about vehicles in the game, specifically the Regalia and the boat.

As we already know, the Regalia will receive the flight-upgrade towards the end of the storyline. Apart from just adding a faster and different way of traveling, the flying car will also grant you access to previously unreachable locations, as Tabata told Games Aktuell in this month’s issue.

The game director mentioned that the boat instead will be used for just one certain trip. You won’t be able to ride a boat anywhere else again in the game world. Tabata explained: “[It’s] like a real journey. I want to express that feeling and want players to remember it. It should feel like a boat trip from France to the cliffs of Dover.”

Because of Game Informer we now know that the boat trip mentioned in the interview will happen between the Caem outpost (pictured above) and Altissia.


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