Meet the cast of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Following its appearance in Japanese magazines this week. Square Enix has gone up with official renders and direct feed images featuring the latest scoop on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Specifically, we’re given a closer look at the Kingsglaive themselves – the royal guard tasked with protecting King Regis Lucis Caelum, given access to the kingdom’s crystal magic.

Nyx Ulric


Nyx is the hero of Kingsglaive, having been saved by King Regis during the war when he was very young. As a result he feels indebted to the king. He’s a skilled fighter with a close affinity to the magic of the royal family.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret


Lunafreya – or Luna – is an Oracle who speaks with the Gods and is tasked with the purification of the energy in the world. She still holds dear the moments she spent with Noctis during their childhood. Luna was supposed to be meeting with Noctis for their wedding in Altissia, but instead she’s made her way to the imperial capital of Insomnia to make an agreement with the king of Lucis.



The commander of the group, Darutos is hard on others as well as himself and came into his position through hard work. He’s somewhat of a master to Nyx when it comes to battles.

Libertus Ostium


Libertus is Nyx’s best friend who came from his hometown. He’s the cheerful one of the group and has a strong sense of responsibility, but can also be emotional and somewhat stubborn.

Luche Lazarus


Luche considers himself the leader of Kingsglaive. He’s done well to earn the trust of the other seasoned guards due to his intelligence.

Crowe Altius


Crowe is a special case who can use advanced magic. She comes from the Lucian frontier as an orphan and considers the Kingsglaive her family.

For a closer look at Kingsglaive, check out even more screenshots and our earlier report here – including a look at the Ahriman, and magic such as the Shift (Warp) ability.

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