Final Fantasy XV Universe explained in new video

Square Enix has released a new video explaining the ins and outs of the massive Final Fantasy XV Universe project. Rather than multiple full-length games, the world of Final Fantasy XV has been built up across a film, an anime, a mobile companion game alongside the main video game release.

The video was screened at Japan Expo in France this morning, where Kingsglaive director Takeshi Nozue shared further insight into the films development. Unlike Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where Nozue served as co-director, he was tasked with the entirety of Kingsglaive – a project which had a much bigger scale due to all of the studios involved.

In order to link the game and movie the team decided to use the same “core” between both. That is, they both used the same script. As for why they took so long to reveal the existence of Kingsglaive, Nozue admits they revealed Final Fantasy XV itself a bit too early.

As for a European release of the movie France will see a selected theatrical release early September, with a streaming and blu-ray version to follow. Details for other European screenings have yet to be announced.

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