Final Fantasy XIV Palace of the Dead update set for Patch 3.45; 200 floors total

One of the latest updates to Final Fantasy XIV brought with it the Deep Dungeon series featuring the Palace of the Dead – a new type of randomly generated dungeon that can be attempted as a group or as a solo player up to 50 floors. Speaking with producer/director Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom last week, we got the latest scoop on what fans can expect going forward.

“As for the current Deep Dungeon, Palace of the Dead, we’ll see the final update during Patch 3.45,” said Yoshida during our interview. “This is because the development team is working on the new Deep Dungeon, which we’re calling Deep Dungeon 2.

“In 3.45 we’ll add 150 more floors to the current one. Currently we have 50 floors so the total will go up to 200. We’ll have a new boss on the 100th floor, however, to get to the furthest floor – the 200th floor – is really difficult. Going from the 100th floor to the 200th will be very challenging, especially if you’re going in solo. We think that if you can reach the 200th floor then you must have god-like skill! The ranking system will be implemented there too so if you want to challenge this, then please try.”

Check back for our full interview with Yoshida on Final Fantasy XIV this week.

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