New Final Fantasy XV CG character renders revealed

Square Enix and Famitsu have revealed a set of new Final Fantasy XV character renders ahead of Gamescom today, giving a fans a closer look at what to expect in the final game. Now some of these renders may contain spoilers, so use caution if you’re going in blind at this point.

The image with Regis seems to depict an aged Noctis. His features have become similar to his father and his eyes shine red. Another render shows us the modern day look of Noctis and friends. You can see the variations in their height in relation to each other.

Luna and Gentiana can be seen together in full renders for the first time. Luna is holding the ring of Lucii while Gentiana serves as her protector.

Ardyn’s motives remain unclear – as Niflheim’s chancellor he seems aloof. Another Niflheim character, Aranea Highwind, finally reveals her full face that wasn’t visible before behind her helmet.

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