Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 screenshots detail dungeons, Hildibrand and more

Square Enix has released a new batch of Final Fantasy XIV screenshots detailing what’s to come in Patch 3.4. Due out September 27, the latest free content patch is offering up continued story content including Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate and further Hildibrand adventures.

Further Hildibrand Adventures

What strange twists and turns fate takes! For I, Hildibrand, agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire, now find myself father to Gigi, the loveable scamp who has yet to regain his missing memories. Regretfully, we have made no substantial progress of late, but perhaps an investigation into these rumors of criminals masquerading as famed knights will provide a welcome distraction. Aye, have no fear, fair maidens of Ishgard! Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville shall bring these rogues to justice!

Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate

Great change is sweeping through Ishgard, yet unknown forces would fan the lingering flames of discord between lowborn and highborn. To make matters worse, a student of the seminary is now missing, along with a volume of the Articles of Halonic Polity. Tensions are at an all time high, and it’s up to Briardien and the Warrior of Light to uncover the truth and restore order to the scholasticate.

Screenshots also feature a look at the Triple Triad Battle Hall going into the Gold Saucer as well as the two new dungeons – Xelphatol and Great Gubal Library (Hard) including their reward gear.

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