Final Fantasy XV details magic crafting, fishing in Weekly Jump

Jump_09_09The latest issue of Weekly Jump features another scoop on Final Fantasy XV – detailing some of the game’s different outfits, magic crafting system and fishing mini-game.

The magazine describes different outfits as something that goes beyond simple aesthetic. By switching up your characters’ clothing you can possibly alter their status.

Magic crafting is going to be a big deal. In the game you’ll gather materials to craft magic and have the ability to combine different amounts of Fire, Thunder and Ice elements together. If you add an item to the mix you can change the effect of the end result even further.

Both Noctis and his friends each have different skills. As the main character, Noctis specializes in fishing. By using higher level equipment he has an increased chance of catching better fish. Ignis can also learn new recipes from some of the fish you catch.

Via: kazu4281.

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