NieR: Automata screenshots and artwork detail the main cast

Square Enix has released a bunch of new screenshots and information headlining NieR: Automata‘s appearance at TGS this week. Following an extended trailer, we’re given a look at the game’s main cast – which includes several returning characters.

Out of the returning characters, we’re reintroduced to Emil who has lost most of his memory and whose role in the new game is still unknown. Devola and Popol are also back in as older androids in the resistance camp. They’re said to be “rare models” who can drink alcohol.

Several newcomers to the series include the Commander. She’s in charge of the YoRHa androids and seems to be one of the prototype units herself. She gives out orders from a base orbiting Earth. Operators 60 and 210 are stationed in said base and in charge of communicating with ground forces. In particular, 60 works with 2B and 210 handles 9S.

Other new characters include Adam and Eve – two brothers shrouded in mystery. Adam is calm (and wears glasses) but he hides a certain cruelty, whereas Eve is younger and more simple-minded. Pascal is a robot who has high intelligence and a dislike for battle.

Screenshots also show off the resistance camp, which is a place that lets you upgrade your weapons and buy new ones from shops.

Via: 4Gamer.

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