Nomura: Voice recording for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dissidia in progress

Tetsuya Nomura is a busy guy. His current projects include Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Dissidia Final Fantasy‘s arcade version just to name a few. It’s within the context of the latter we’re given a brief update on his upcoming games.

During a special livestream detailing the latest update for Dissidia Final Fantasy, Nomura said that voice recording is now in the works for “Kingdom,” “Seven,” and “Dissidia.” While vague we can easily piece these hints into each of the games he’s confirmed to be working on. “Seven” seems the most obvious, while “Kingdom” could fit into KHIII or KH2.8 depending on how far the latter is along. As for “Dissidia,” it seems likely Nomura is referring to the arcade game’s ongoing updates rather than the mobile title Opera Omnia.

Additionally, Nomura confirmed Sora won’t be featured in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Via: aibo_ac7.

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