An update on Final Fantasy XV's visual quality

Starting today, Final Fantasy XV is content locked. That means no further changes will be made to it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Now the game is off to certification and in two months its new release date of November 29.

Speaking at Square Enix’s new cafe in an Active Time Report, director Hajime Tabata shared some images from the latest standard PS4 build. During the presentation he presented three screenshots – each of which represent improvements in visual quality such as draw distance, image quality and vegetation. The team’s also worked hard to ensure a stable 30 frames per second in the vast majority of locations.

Additionally, Tabata confirmed the base PS4 version will remain at a dynamic resolution – that means it won’t be at 1080p all the time. While not much was said about the PS4 Pro, he did say the game will support HDR on that platform.


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