We take a spin through World of Final Fantasy's Dungeon Demo

World of Final Fantasy is set to release towards the end of the month, and Square Enix has put out a playable “Dungeon Demo” up on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 owners. (Vita owners, don’t panic, the demo will be headed your way this Friday.) We took a spin through the demo, which you can watch in the video below:

In the world of Grymoire, protagonist siblings Reynn and Lann are chosen “Mirage Keepers” that can summon Mirages into battle to fight alongside them. This game’s twist is that monsters and characters can stack on top of one another in combat.

By collecting various Mirages and putting them into your “stack”, you can change the abilities available to you in combat. Reynn and Lann can also change sizes so that they can ride on larger Mirages such as Chocobos or Behemoths, or have smaller Mirages ride on their heads. Emerge from combat victorious and you’ll earn experience points, and eventually level up. When Mirages level up, they gain Ability Points that can be spent unlocking new skills — and eventually new forms. If you’ve given Kingdom Hearts 3D a spin, it’s similar to the Ability Link system, minus the petting (sadly.)

Managing stacks of mirages equipped with the right abilities is the bread and butter of this battle system — which also utilizes the classic Active Time Battle system originally appearing in Final Fantasy IV. Collecting Mirages for your arsenal will require you to employ various methods of capture — such as weakening them with certain elemental attacks, ensuring they are the last enemy standing, or other tactics.

Clear the demo and you’ll unlock a special white “Magitek P” Mirage in the full game.

World of Final Fantasy will release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25th (North America), October 27th (Japan), and October 28th (Europe).

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