Final Fantasy Type-0 Online releases in China as Final Fantasy: The Awakening

Partnering with Perfect World, Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy: The Awakening in China today. Developed for smartphone platforms and Microsoft Windows, this multiplayer title is based on the world of Final Fantasy Type-0.

In the video below, Chinese singer/actor Lu Han promotes the launch of the title in China, where we can see a bit more of the new gameplay. Perfect World also plans to bring the game to other Asian markets, and a worldwide launch is still planned as “Final Fantasy Type-0 Online”.

You can also check it out on the Chinese iTunes store.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online originally launched in Japan as “Final Fantasy Agito”, but due to overwhelming negative feedback from players, Square Enix decided to shut the game down to work on a “reborn” version. Titled “Final Fantasy Agito+” for PlayStation Vita, the game never properly released due to technical problems. Later, Agito was revealed as Type-0 Online at Tokyo Game Show 2015, which showed off a dramatically reworked format.

It’s kind of funny to see a game featuring the Type-0 universe end up as a mobile multiplayer game, because, the original game based on the project — I’m referring to Final Fantasy Agito XIII — was more aligned with Type-0 Online than its eventual console-based single-player affair. Time is a flat circle.

We dug up an old trailer from Square Enix’s DKΣ3713 event in August of 2008, just to reminisce:

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