Next Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade live stream set for February 14

Square Enix is preparing to host another Japanese live stream focusing on Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades next. Starting at 9PM JST (7AM EST) on February 14, fans can tune in via YouTube to catch information on the game’s latest update scheduled for February 16.

Producer Ichirou Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka will be on hand to share all the news.

Recently the pair sat down with Famitsu to speak at length about the console version of Dissidia Final Fantasy.

“I want to spread the amount of enthusiasm for Dissidia Final Fantasy even more,” Hazama said. “In receiving the opinions of players, I get the feeling that people are becoming gradually more interested in the game, so I want to deliver it to even more people. While we’ll also be talking about the console version in the future, it won’t result in disappointing arcade users, as both can be sufficiently enjoyed. And there won’t be any delay in updates as a result the console version.”

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