Voice recording for Final Fantasy VII Remake's main story is nearly complete

Japanese voice recording for Final Fantasy VII Remake is well under way and nearly complete for the (what we can only presume as) first part’s main scenario content. News comes from the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation where producer Yoshinori Kitase provided a brief update on the project.

Final Fantasy VII Remake required a great amount of preparation,” Kitase said to the magazine. “The voice actors have nearly finished recording for the main scenario. Fans might be picturing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but this is a Cloud in his prime from before the movie so the performance may feel fresh.”

Kitase also shared a few words on the game’s new key visual revealed last month. “The new visual presented at the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary features something that wasn’t in the original, Sephiroth (and his black wing?) – we’ll leave the meaning to everyone’s imagination.”

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

Via: aibo_ac7.

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