Learn about towns, fields, dungeons and more in Dragon Quest XI

A big update was just made to the official Japanese Dragon Quest XI website which details a lot of new information about the game including towns, fields, dungeons and more. Let’s take a closer look at this new information.


Towns are where intimate information and convenient facilities come together. Talk to the people of these towns, collect information, purchase items and equipment, ready yourself for your next adventure and set your sights on your next destination.

Town of Samadhi Castle

Towns and villages have many cultures and natural features.

Town of Samadhi Castle

There are lots of people living in these crowded bustling cities!

Town of Delcada Castle

Gather new information by speaking directly to the people of the town and hear their stories.

Town of Delcada Castle

Hear the voices of these people through speech bubbles of those nearby.
Town of Delcada Castle

Troubled people can also be seen at a glance with the speech bubble, how convenient!


Convenient facilities are located in towns to help you along your adventure.

Arms Shop

Weapon Shop
Item Shop

Item Shop

Item Shop



Dragon Quest XI has vast environments from grasslands to snowy fields spread out across the world, all full of a variety of monsters. You may notice changes based on time of day and even the weather, so get out there and search every corner of these areas.



Explore various fields such as plains and coves



Night Monster

Even monsters show up at night!

Narrow Footing

Sometimes you’ll have to squeeze yourself across narrow footing and traverse steep streets!
Sparkling Items

Look out for things that sparkle to obtain various items!

There exist various types of these sparkling objects in the world. You can crush rocks to get ore, or shake a tree to get its fruit.

Sparkling Items

Ease your travels by riding on a horse!

When out on the field you can ride on a horse. By traveling on horseback, you can get to your destination way faster than running! On the PS4 version, you can blow the enemy away by dashing through them.


Let’s take a look at some of the new monsters you can expect to find out in the wild.

Little Lantern (Lantern Kozou)

A monster which was once a lantern left abandoned by its owner. It vows to set aflame those who threw it away.


A monster characterized by the large fluff from behind its mask. It pierces its enemies with holes using a large needle it carries.


Dangerous grounds where monsters and treasures can be found. There are valuable treasures within these dungeons, some which are safe guarded behind powerful bosses. Make sure to prepare well before setting out to explore!

Mysterious temples and caves, and harsh trials

Mysterious temples and caves, as well as harsh trials!

Enemies in Dungeon
Tricks and Traps

Traps and tricks stand in your way! A test of your wisdom and courage!
Danger Zone

Traverse through these dangerous areas!
Treasure awaits?  Or something else...

Is it treasure that awaits you? Or something else…?!
Treasure awaits?  Or something else...

Woah, look out! Be sure keep an eye out for traps and other gimmicks!


From time to time you can find remnants of bonfires out in the fields where you’ll be able to stop and make camp. While camping, you can save your game as well as rest and recover your strength. Camping serves as a great resting point while out on your long adventures.

Camping with friends

Check in with your friends and plan your next destination, or visit the traveling merchant.


A new character, Silvia, was also introduced briefly. All we know about her so far, is that she is a Performer.


It is my mission to make everyone around the world smile!
Dreaming Traveling Performer
– Silvia

And that about wraps up all of the newest information from Dragon Quest XI. You can check out a full gallery of the images below.

Dragon Quest XI is set to release sometime in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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