Dragon Quest XI update details horse racing, the casino and more

Another update to the official Dragon Quest XI website was made detailing some new game systems including horse racing, the casino, quests and “Small Medals”.

Detours Along Your Journey

It wouldn’t be a Dragon Quest game without casinos, and Dragon Quest XI delivers! Not only that, but there are other places to stop and visit along the way.

Horse Racing

In some countries, horse racing is a very popular sport. Race against these notorious knights and race to victory. If you win, you’ll be rewarded with a prize!

Struggle against your rivals to race to first place!

Mud pits to jump over… and a pumpkin!

Overcome a variety of obstacles!

Aim for the win and update your high score!


In the casino you exchange your gold for coins to play games like slots and roulette. You can exchange all your newly awarded coins for fabulous prizes. You might be able to win some valuable items.


Place your bet and spin the reel. Match three patterns and get loads of coins!


Strategic game with a five card hand. You can also double betting with your winning coins!


Try to guess which color and number the hole the ball will fall into. Only one way to win and lose with this high risk reward game!


There are many people with problems out there in this world. It’s the duty of the brave to help out these troubled souls. By solving their problems you are rewarded as a thank you.

While out solving these problems you’ll encounter strong enemies to fight!

Small Medals

You can find “Small Medals” out and about along your journey. It’s said there are people out there that collect these medals in exchange for incredible prizes. Collect these medals and try to obtain a reward.

In a certain place there’s someone who will ask you for medals!

Dragon Quest XI is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29th in Japan. A Nintendo Switch version is still in the works. We recently posted some new in-game screenshots you can view over here.

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