Learn about Dragon Quest XI's Zone and Link gameplay systems

Square Enix has gone live with yet another update to Dragon Quest XI’s official Japanese website. This time we’re treated with information and screenshots detailing the game’s “Zone” and “Link” gameplay systems.

Check it out:


“Zone” is one of the few new powers that players can utilize during battles. It is an instance of heightened concentration that temporarily increases combat ability of party members. When attacked by an enemy, the protagonist and other party members can enter Zone giving players the necessary edge to conquer even the harshest of battles.

—Activating Zone engulfs your body in a blue light and boosts your ability! The buff can carry over to the next battle until it dissipates.

—Even if you’re inflicted with heavy damage and find yourself in a disastrous situation, entering Zone could be your opportunity for a counterattack!

—Zone is even more effective when additional party members enter it.

—Be wary as monsters can also enter Zone too! Stay focused until you win!


Once players enter Zone, they can also acquire even further power. By combining together with multiple party members, players can unleash powerful “Link” techniques. These can be key to defeating formidable foes!

—If multiple party members enter Zone, players can unleash a devastating Link technique!

—Silvia can apply the protagonist’s sword with blazing fire. Link techniques will differ depending on the combination of party members, learned spells and skills, and even the number of people that are in Zone. How players organize their respective party setup will directly affect which Link techniques they can perform.

—A full party Link technique! Battle while experimenting with different Link techniques.

—Enemies can also perform Link techniques.

Examples of Link Techniques

Camus and the Protagonist: “Falcon Dance”

—Full Party: “Giga Burst”

—Silvia, Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane”

—Martina and Row: “Matou Enbu”

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works. Should you wish to see the RPG in action, click here to view the latest gameplay footage.

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