Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Developers provide hints to six new DLC characters

During the final live stream event for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT before its release in Japan, the development team shared some hints on the six new DLC characters coming with the game’s Season Pass.

Here is the list of hints provided and which half of the numbered Final Fantasy games the new characters are from:

  • New male character (from new half)
  • New male character (from old half)
  • New female character (from new half)
  • New male character (from new half)
  • Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from new half)
  • New male character (from new half)

Fans are guessing that the fifth character listed could be Final Fantasy X’s Yuna, who appeared in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, or Final Fantasy XI’s Prishe, who appeared in both Dissidia 012 and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

The developers also revealed during the live stream that each DLC character will be available individually for 800 ten, plus tax. The Season Pass will be a pack of all six characters for 4000 yen, plus tax. The Season Pass will also include two color variations and two weapons for all six characters.

You can check out the live stream in its entirety below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is scheduled to release for Playstation 4 on January 11 2018 in Japan, and in America and Europe on January 30 2018.



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